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Honey Lip Balm

I have got the honey lip balm and within two applications in 24 hours it relieved my very sore and chapped lips. It is by far, superior to any of the high street products I have used, and it's local and natural..! Couldn't ask for anything more. Kate, Fleet

Foot Balm

Beeutiful Foot Balm - best product ever! I love it :) Nicola, Basingstoke

Foot Balm

Just want to say thank you to the Beeuitful Foot Balm, my feet have had bad flaky dry skin for years. Large cracks and sores used to cause me discomfort and some day’s it even hurt to put my shoes on. I started using the foot-balm before Christmas and within 2 weeks my feet have returned to a smooth normal state.  Thank you Beeutiful, I fully recommend the foot balm to anyone suffering from the same condition. Mark

Botty Balm

I love the Botty Balm, it’s better than the leading brand that I usually use. Helen, Mum of 2 girls, Fleet (& Chair of NCT North East Hants)

Baby Balm

I used the Baby Balm on a dry patch of skin my baby developed and it cleared in 3 days……very impressed! Helen, Mum of 2 girls, Fleet (& Chair of NCT North East Hants)

Mango Lip Balm

Fruity & fabulous, my lips have never been so soft, not only does it relieve chapped, dry lips but it gives them a wonderful glossy shine. Its tastes yummy & my husband likes it too! Sarah, Camberley

Peppermint & Tea Tree Lip Balm

Cured the sore dry area on the edge of my mouth within a week, my usual product which I thought was the best takes month...definitely a Beeutiful convert. Leanne, Fleet

Botty Balm

It’s great, a noticeable improvement on my baby’s nappy rash within 1 day whereas it was getting worse with using well know brand marketed for treating severe nappy rash. Leanne, Mum to 9 month old, Fleet


I suffer from Rosacea and Carly suggested I try her Honey Soap. The first time I washed my face with the soap it felt as if it was pushing moisture into my dry skin. It is the best product I have used and I have tried literally 100s of products on my skin. Carly produces truly natural and healing products and is an inspiration. I have been using her soap ever since. Fantastic. Caroline, Fleet

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