Body Butter

Body Butter

Frankincense -

A rich creamy body butter containing apricot kernel oil and cocoa butter to moisturise dry skin while frankincense tones, restores and rejuvenates.

Shea, Lavender & Patchouli - 

Renowned for its anti-aging properties shea butter is the base for this highly moisturising butter that also contains lavender, patchouli & ylang ylang to sooth, treat & restore the skin whilst relaxing the mind.

  • At first appearance our body butters are very firm, this is because they are genuine butters rather than a water based cream. Taking a small amount and warming it between your palms will quickly melt the butter into a smooth paste perfectly suited to all over body application.

  • Frankincense - 

    Apricot kernel oil, Cocoa butter, Mango butter, Beeswax, Vitamin E, Frankincense, Sweet orange & consequently Limonene, Linalool, Citral


    Shea & Lavendar - 

    Apricot kernel oil, Shea butter, Avocado butter, Mango butter, Patchouli, Lavender, Ylang Ylang & consequently Geraniol, Linalool, Limonene, Benzyl alcohol, Eugenol, Iso eugenol, Farnesol, Benzyl benzoate