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Wow! Carly named on the f:Entrepreneur #ialso100 list 2021

Wow! That is exactly the word I used when I was notified that I had been placed on the f:entrepreneur #ialso100 list. f:Entrepreneur is the campaign set up by Small Business Britain to celebrate the dynamic and inspirational businesses led by women in the UK. Through events, content and stories the campaign showcases role models to help and inspire all small businesses, both male and female led.

The #ialso campaign came about from the realisation that so many of these female entrepreneurs did other things. They had other stuff going on in their lives, a CV of experience, courage, hard work and innovation that interconnected many things across both a work and personal spectrum. The #ialso100 campaign is a celebration of these talented female entrepreneurs from all over the UK and unbelievably I am one of those selected for this year.

f:Entrepreneur 100 | f:Entrepreneur (f-entrepreneur.com)

I am totally blown away by this, totally blown away that little ole me working from home in Fleet has been noticed enough, has been deemed as doing stuff that could inspire others, could help others move forward and that others may be interested in my story.

So here's that story........

Beeutiful was created from a desire to do more with my bees and to work from home permanently, to be my own boss and to be present for my two boys. With my husband's support I took a chance, not knowing whether it would work or whether I could even run a business. Well, seven years later, with a larger product range and a fair few stockists, I think it worked. Don't get me wrong I am not a millionaire - next year Rodney! - but I love what I do, I love being home for my boys and love it when people say a Beeutiful product has helped them.

However I'm afraid that's not quite enough for me. I definitely get restless and seem to always be looking for something new to do. Therefore as well as running Beeutiful I am also Training Manager for Fleet Beekeeping Association. I am the first port of call for new course enquiries and I organise the lectures, keep trainees informed of what's happening where and when as well as delivering some of the lectures.

Still not enough, I am also Chair of my elder son's school PTA. He attends a Special School, a school smaller than the average infant school and therefore getting PTA members is a challenge, thus more tasks than I expected fall to me. However I can't praise the school enough and therefore this is my way of giving back and saying thank you.

My younger son and husband started metal detecting about two years ago and for fun filmed the holes they dug. A YouTube channel and Instagram account then appeared and guess who manages those? Yep that's me. Lockdown 1 saw them detecting locally and as more and more interest was paid to their little hobby an idea for a business was born. I therefore now manage Fun Detectors hiring and selling metal detecting equipment, allowing other families to go out, enjoy fresh air, quality family time and maybe even dig up some of England's fine history. My husband and son attend organised digs run by The Soil Searchers, he needs a blog of his events, oh yes I do that too.

And don't get me started on working out, I love the gym, I love a spin class but really I'm a runner. I've run since I was 12 and although no Paula I can hold my own and like all sports people I love achieving a PB.

So I think may desire to do more and more, to have variety, to always be looking to achieve, to always want to do better is what has placed me on the ialso list and I am beyond delighted. If my story, my desire to always strive, to like a challenge and to always want to achieve inspires another female to set up her own business and make a damn good success of it then that's brilliant in my book!

Till next time..............

Carly x




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