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Hand washing & hand sanitizer giving you dry hands? Read on………..

The threat of coronavirus is seeing us wash hands and use hand sanitizer more than ever before. A very good thing, the only way to reduce the spread of any virus or bacteria is to regularly and thoroughly wash hands. But “my hands are so dry and so sore” are words I’m now frequently hearing. Two things that are working for my family to ease a cycle of dry skin and sore areas are Beeutiful Honey Soap and Beeutiful B-balm.

The past two years with the advent of the plastic use realisation has seen a dramatic focus on the use of plastic. One way to reduce plastic in the bathroom is to use solid soap rather than liquid soap. Currently Beeutiful produces just one soap, Honey Soap. Formulated for it’s moisturising qualities Beeutiful Honey Soap is just that, honey and soap with no additional fragrances natural or otherwise and copious amounts of honey to lock moisture into the skin, and isn’t in plastic. Popular with those that already have dry skin and related dry skin conditions Beeutiful Honey Soap cleans without drying to such an extent that many rosacea sufferers use it on their face.

Many liquid soap fans will however argue that a bar of hard soap is not as convenient to use as a bottle of their favourite liquid soap. I beg to differ! A small dish with your soap next to the sink instead of a bottle of liquid is really not that different and there are now some lovely soap dishes available to buy.

Despite Beeutiful Honey Soap’s fabulously moisturising properties, with the copious amounts of hand washing we are now all engaging in, hands may still become very dry. Beeutiful has a solution to that too. B-balm. Originally formulated for dry cracked hands caused by cold winter weather B-balm is now used on a myriad of different skin conditions, all requiring high levels of moisture to improve. These include eczema, rosacea, dermatitis, cuts, wounds, ulcers and cold sores as well as the generally dry and split skin of dehydration. With a beeswax and olive oil base alongside as much honey as could be squeezed in B-balm locks down moisture and retains it, as well as promoting healing of the damaged area with natural anti-bacterial properties. Apply this long-lasting balm as often as possible and always apply a generous amount before bed when the skin can really absorb the goodness and work on repairing through the night. Even my husband declares it really does work!

Both products are available at all our stockists and directly through Beeutiful online www.beeutiful.co.uk

I hope these recommendations will help anyone struggling with sore over washed hands.

Carly x

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