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B-balm for the canine in your life!

Yes really, no I am not kidding, this really is the case! I have a few customers who of their own accord have used B-balm on their dogs. Cut paws, dry noses and a random dry patch on the tummy have all been healed by B-balm. One of these customers, Lisa was in the early stages of creating her own business selling natural dog shampoos and conditioners. Having had great success with treating her own dog’s ailments with B-balm Lisa decided to stock B-balm on her new website. Starting with small orders that I hand delivered to her I was not sure if it would take off! However it certainly did!

Lisa has now relocated to Cornwall and opened a shop and grooming studio in the heart of Padstow as well as continuing the online business. Providing products that are as natural and organic as possible with many being handmade and all manufactured in the UK, Slickers Grooming is a business Beeutiful is proud to be associated with.

Lisa reports that Padstow is a busy town with lots of dogs, presumably those that live there and those that visit on holiday with their families and they simply can’t get enough of B-balm. B-balm is being used on irritated patches of skin that the dog has been licking, sore paws irritated by the sand and dry noses. All customers are excited to find a natural alternative to the big brand, supermarket/chemist stocked cream they had been recommended to try which contains less than desirable ingredients.

So there you have it, B-balm not just great for you and your human family members but your canine members too. Now I await other animal related reviews of B-balm………………feel free to comment on Facebook or email me at enquiries@beeutiful.co.uk with your stories.

Visit Lisa’s store www.slickersgrooming.co.uk for all your pup’s needs.

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