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Saturday 25th April turned out to be a day with lots of different aspects of Beeutiful being actioned so I thought I’d tell you all a little more about it! The day started with a trip to a wine bar, yes really a wine bar at 8.30am! Drew the manager at Cellar Magneval in Fleet is working very hard to utilise the premises at times other than your usual social lunch and evening. He has started hosting a ladies breakfast on the last Saturday of every month, inviting speakers to share stories, information and advice on everything from setting up your own business, to marketing, to beauty and now bees! Two hours were spent discussing bees, how they operate as a social organism, their life cycle and their plight. We also chatted about swarming, honey production, beeswax, bee venom, Royal Jelly, propolis and Beeutiful products. My audience said they learnt a lot in that few hours and would be returning home with lots of bee facts for their families!

bees (1).JPG

Q cell_edited.JPG

You can see the Queen cell in the centre of this picture, extending off the front of the frame, a few bees sitting on it, compared to the rest of the brood that is flush to the frame. Quick action is required once Queen cells are formed. I no longer have a spare brood chamber having split one very large colony the week before so thinking on my feet I decided to turn them into a “brood and a half” colony. This means they have their standard brood box in which the Queen can lay her eggs, plus a super (half the size of a brood box) on top. Having established the Queen was in the hive I removed the four Queen cells then back home to build twelve frames for the new super, I’ll place this on the hive tomorrow. This may calm their swarming instinct or it may not, time will tell! Now to the other side of business, skincare products! Time to make a batch of honey soap and peppermint & tea-tree lip balm. Both are my relatively quick to make products and both spend the night in the airing cupboard, leaving the soap to saponify and the lip balm to cool slowly to prevent cracking. That has left just enough time to stick labels on the B-balm I made the night before, then time to say goodnight. And somewhere around this diverse role that I find myself in I remember to be mummy, cook dinner and read stories, and no, I am never ever bored! Till next time, Carly x

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