Our Bees & Honey

We currently have fifteen hives on mixed farmland in Crookham Village, Hampshire.


Surrounded by Gorse, Blackberry bushes and a multitude of trees our bees have plenty of forage to keep them busy, happy and able to produce delicious honey with a light floral fragrant taste. This honey is as excellent on toast, and in porridge as it is in our soap and lip balm, as good for your skin as it is for your digestive system!


We only take honey from our bees when they have an excess, we always leave them with enough stores to feed themselves and enable the colony to continue brood production. Weekly inspections ensure our bees are kept in good health and the use of natural organic medications authorised by the Veterinary Medicine Regulations allow us to keep the varroa mite in check, one of the main causes of current bee colony decline. 

Such medication is applied twice yearly, Autumn and Winter when honey for human consumption has been removed and the bees are in a quiet state preparing for winter in Autumn or in a cluster in the middle of the hive in mid winter.


We obtain our beeswax from cappings removed in the process of extracting honey from frames and from older frames no longer required by the hive.


In addition to wax from our own hives we also utilise wax from fellow beekeepers. A precious, often unrecognised valuable resource we are ensuring this entity is not wasted.


The bees work so hard to produce the wax from glands situated on their abdomen, we can only utilise the extra pieces they do not require and therefore are unable to supply ourselves quite enough from our own hives.