Lip Balms

'Containing vitamin and antioxidant rich, nourishing properties to heal, condition and protect lips all year round our lip balms are a must to keep lips soft & smooth.'


Sunflower oil, Cocoa butter, Beeswax, Mango butter, Vitamin E with the addition of:

"In an effort to reduce single use plastics we have moved lip balm tubes to cardboard. Without a twist action you gently push the balm up beyond the top of the tube when required."



Honey Lip balm - Honey which increases the moisturising property of this lip balm and CI77491, CI77891 (rich gold mica) to add a subtle gold tint.


Peppermint & Tea tree - CI77891 (blush pink mica) for a barely there shine, peppermint for a fresh, clean flavour & tea tree & consequently Linalool, Limonene with anti bacterial properties to keep lips healthy and soft.


Mango - Mango flavour oil* & CI77891 (blush pink mica) for a subtle shimmer. A fun delicious fruity lip balm that keep lips kissably smooth and soft. (*A natural/synthetic mix flavour oil. It was impossible to obtain such a delicious mango flavour without a little help. The balm was given a huge thumbs up by all our testers despite the addition of a synthetic oil, which incidentally is less than 2% of the ingredients.)

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Product Reviews

  • I have got the honey lip balm and within two applications in 24 hours it relieved my very sore and chapped lips. It is by far, superior to any of the high street products I have used, and it's local and natural..! Couldn't ask for anything more. Kate, Fleet


  • Fruity & fabulous, my lips have never been so soft, not only does it relieve chapped, dry lips but it gives them a wonderful glossy shine. Its tastes yummy & my husband likes it too! Sarah, Camberley


  • Cured the sore dry area on the edge of my mouth within a week, my usual product which I thought was the best takes month...definitely a Beeutiful convert. Leanne, Fleet