'From cuts & grazes to eczema & rosacea this multi purpose balm is used by our customers on just about anything that requires healing.'

FreeFrom Skincare Awards 2015 judges comments -

"Soothing & nourishing"

"Performed well, made my skin feel soothed & cured some very sore cracked skin between my toes"

"Great value for money as a little goes a long way"

"Helped soothe the irritation of my psoriasis straight away.......within a few days redness & irritation was visibly reduced & soothed......after about ten days psoriasis on most areas I used the balm was nearly gone.......with continued use I think it would help long term."

"Reassuring that I could apply as often as necessary to calm & soothe as it's all natural........you only need a small amount each application."

The antiseptic properties of tea tree and lavender combined with the healing abilities of honey, St John's Wort and calendula make this an invaluable balm to be applied to cuts, grazes and insect bites. Apply regularly to sooth and promote faster healing. NB. In trialing this product I found it significantly soothed and alleviated my 3 year olds eczema, first signs of a flare up we head straight to this little pot of magic! As a consequence we now have many customers using B-balm on eczema, psoriasis, rosacea & other dry skin conditions with outstanding results. 



Organic Olive oil, Honey, Cocoa butter, Beeswax, St.John’s Wort in Sunflower Oil, Calendula, Vitamin E, Lavender, Tea Tree & consequently Geraniol, Linalool, Limonene


Product Reviews

  • After years of having tons of different creams prescribed by the doctor for my little boy and stressing out about being told that I will have to use steroid creams on him I am so so happy to have found the wonderful B-Balm. It is keeping his eczema at bay and it is great to know it is all natural ingredients. Thanks Carly x. Charlie


  • Our son Harry has really awful eczema and seems to have an ever increasing list of allergies - these products have been wonderfully kind on his skin. Thanks Carly! The B-Balm has been lovely and seems to already be having a great effect on his sore skin, also he likes having it put on where as some of the 'medicine' creams from the docs sting. Samantha


  • The B-Balm has worked wonderfully on the eczema on my hands. I am a childminder and constantly washing my hands or using gel, so it is not surprising the eczema I have had all my life appears on my hands. Literally within moments of using the balm they stopped itching and irritating. Then within 24 hours the skin was much better - smoother and much less red and sore looking. A few days later they are normal hands again! The B-Balm surpasses everything I have used on my hands before. Steph, Fleet


  • Amazing product! Have suffered with eczema all my life and recently suffered a real bad bout of it that travelled to my eyelids which I had never had before... The B-Balm sorted it out after weeks of trying everything! Thank you so much!! Shelby, Basingstoke


  • After using Beeutiful B-Balm on my eczema and seeing it visibly disappear I used it on my son's and have now ditched the hydrocortisone creams! Wonderful product! Claire, Farnham


  • The balm is wonderful! It is working a treat, my psoriasis is healing, the patches on my arm have gone, the ones on my chest are also disappearing. I prefer to always go down the natural route and leave steroids and pharmaceutics, well alone. Thank you again for the balm, it's amazing. Dawn, London


  • The B-Balm has worked wonders on my repeatedly dry, cracked skin. It works so quickly and surpasses anything else I've tried previously. Ros


  • Loving the product... I have the B-Balm and it certainly does what it says on the tin!! We also use it for hands and feet and find it amazing and keeps skin "beeutifully" soft.....as an added bonus smells just "beeutiful" too!! Steve & Marie


  • Hubby hit his head on a metal beam at work. He was applying the balm 3 to 4 times a day and now does not even have a scar. The B-Balm cleans and heals much quicker than any antiseptic cream, we will not be turning back! Tanya, New York


  • My daughter had a patch of eczema on her face, tried the B-Balm and within a day the patch of dry red skin had virtually gone, much better (and kinder) than anything else I've tried before. Fiona


  • I love the balm you sent, its helping the cut heal, it’s not drying out and itching like cuts usually do and I am also using it as lip balm! Lucy, Chelmsford


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